Spirit Halloween Meme Template (PSD and PNG)

Spirit Halloween Meme Template (PSD and PNG)


"Fake Spirit Halloween Costumes" is a meme trend where individuals employ Photoshop to craft satirical versions of Halloween costume products, akin to the style of Obvious Plant, with a particular focus on lampooning Spirit Halloween. While this trend first emerged in 2019, it experienced a notable resurgence in popularity during the Spooktober season of 2022.

 If you are just here for the PNG template to do your worst, see below. For the PSD template keep scrolling. 

PNG Template

Spirit Halloween Costume Blank Template PNG

 PSD Template 

Now for the good good, below is a PNG example of the template and the downloadable link to the PSD. 

Spirit Halloween Template PSD

PSD is very easy to edit, there is an optional crinkle layer. Just add your image to the image folder if you want to use the full canvas, or double click on the smart layer to have the image masked to the white space. Any font can be used, the template is using Adobe Clean Bold as well as Adobe Clean Black. 

Have fun. Photoshop file below

Download PSD File Here

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