Rules to Design

Rules to Design

1. Design Something You Want to Wear

I have always held a deep fondness for the 80s and 90s, as they evoke a strong sense of nostalgia within me. There's an indescribable charm in the style of those eras that I find truly captivating. One particular aspect I adore is the classic varsity style t-shirts, adorned simply with a last name. It was precisely this inspiration that led me to choose the design for my very first t-shirt. I opted to create a vintage varsity design, for it resonated with me, and I envisioned it as the perfect attire that I would love to wear and cherish.

2. Get Inspired by What You Believe In

My decision was to incorporate the names of influential figures who have left a mark on my life onto these t-shirts. One such creation was a varsity-style tee with the name "Dennis" displayed proudly, paying tribute to the Golden God himself. For those who admire and recognize the significance of this renowned individual, the t-shirt becomes deeply relatable. However, for those unfamiliar with him, it may simply appear as a name adorning the shirt, and some might even mistake it for my own last name. Nevertheless, wearing these names close to my heart serves as a personal reminder of the impact these individuals have had on me.

3. Keep It Neutral to Engage a Broader Customer Base

And I rarely do this, yolo jabroni, we make what we want to buy for ourselves. And if others enjoy it, game on. 
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