Danny DeVito Says the first 16 seasons of Always Sunny were too 'tame'

Danny DeVito Says the first 16 seasons of Always Sunny were too 'tame'

With each new season, "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has delved into increasingly outrageous and depraved scenarios, outdoing its previous episodes. Yet, in a nod to Dennis and his beloved jorts, it seems they can always push the envelope further.

It has been 10 months since the latest episode, "Dennis Takes a Mental Health Day," aired, showcasing a Dennis-centric adventure as he attempts to reduce his blood pressure and target Elon Musk. Given that recent seasons under the show’s current contract have only eight episodes each, the lengthy waits have been particularly hard for longtime fans accustomed to the 15-episode formats and shorter breaks of earlier days. This nostalgia is tinged with the realization that the busy lives and successful side projects of the stars and showrunners have shifted their focus away from the dark, irreverent humor that initially captivated viewers.


However, as fans, we must come to terms with the fact that the early days are in the past. If Frank Reynolds is to be believed, those initial episodes were merely a warm-up for the Paddy’s Pub crew. During a recent red carpet interview, Danny DeVito excitedly shared news about the upcoming Season 17 of "It’s Always Sunny," revealing a September start and hinting at an unbridled approach: "We’ve been very tame over the years, so now we can really pull out the stops, you know?"

DeVito’s comments suggest that with the remaining time, "It’s Always Sunny" will embrace its wild side even more. He hinted at stirring up controversy and excitement in Season 17, which, given the show's history, might translate into actual plot lines rather than mere figurative language.

Reflecting on his two decades with the show, DeVito expressed his affection for the cast and the enjoyment they find in their time together, lamenting how quickly each season passes: "We do eight shows or something like that in a season, it’s over before you know it, and we have fun every day. It’s really cool."

In these shorter seasons, "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has started to take bolder risks and explore more unconventional and sometimes contentious storylines, as seen in the multi-episode arc in Season 15 where the gang travels to Ireland, and Charlie encounters — and loses — his real father. While DeVito joked about the show's early timidity, it seems likely that he and his co-stars will continue to explore new boundaries, possibly more audaciously than ever.

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